Adv. Eng. Comp / Rhetoric

History /  Geography -World Regional Affairs

During the reading program the student begin basic penmanship at age 6/7. Upon completion of the reading program the student begins a program in grammar, punctuation syntax and rigor. The student will hand copy verbatim the entirety of his or her chosen chapter book. The exercise which is typically completed at a page per day, allows the student to master spelling,  punctuation, paragraph structure, story telling and the discipline of mastery of penmanship. Once the task of writing is no longer an obstacle the student will be relieved to undergo a "much easier" curriculum in composition writing. This course is taught through Andrew Pudewa's  Excellence In Writing Curriculum TM. Upon completion of the curriculum student then commits to maintaining  a creative writing or non fiction blog and contributing a minimum of 500 words per day to the blog six days a week. Friday's are dedicated to letter writing to friends or pen-pals

Mr. Jackson, a former 6-12 History / World Regional Geography teacher has devised the Social Studies and Geography at the Jackson Academy. Like Science, Geography along with Social studies is also highly didactic and taught through a combination of   subscription services ranging from Brain-Pop to the Great Courses lecture series, and Compton's Encyclopedia. Our curriculum is also supplemented by a Library that has a heavy concentration of books on Social Studies/ History and World Geography. This Library was donated by Raphael Jackson Senior PhD. (retired History Professor)  who is also on the curricular advisory staff for History.