Grammar / Literacy

Basic literacy is typically achieved before compulsory schooling begins. At age six (girls) and 7 (boys) children begin the full hooked on phonics curriculum until they achieve college level reading and comprehension. Phonics based learning is a tried and true method of reading instruction taught successfully for centuries in Anglo-phone schools.Hooked on phonics TM created a learning approach which can be used for adults and children alike. Current versions of Hooked on Phonics are effective but over marketed. This over marketing can get parents caught up in a never ending cycle of purchasing  DVD's, apps, music CD's and shiny manipulatives that further micromanage the teaching process.  We managed to secure the first generation of the hooked on phonics curriculum which has a more straight forward approach and less bells and whistles. The course consists of softcover phonics readers, ring bound flashcards for review, and reading comprehension horn books. There is an accompanying Cassette tapes but they are necessary for any literate teacher.  This course it done at the students pace. Typically the student will spend half a year attaining age level reading skills and 2-3 years attaining college level reading.

Eng. Comp

During the reading program the student begin basic penmanship at age 6/7. Upon completion of the reading program the student begins a program in grammar, punctuation syntax and rigor. The student will hand copy verbatim the entirety of his or her chosen chapter book. The exercise which is typically completed at a page per day, allows the student to master spelling,  punctuation, paragraph structure, story telling and the discipline of mastery of penmanship. Once the task of writing is no longer an obstacle the student will be relieved to undergo a "much easier" curriculum in composition writing. This course is taught through Andrew Pudewa's  Excellence In Writing Curriculum TM. Upon completion of the curriculum student then commits to maintaining  a creative writing or non fiction blog and contributing a minimum of 500 words per day to the blog six days a week. Friday's are dedicated to letter writing to friends or pen-pals.